In order for the presence of the Holy Metropolis of Cephalonia on the Internet to become known widely and to have as many people as possible visit these web pages, the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Cephalonia, Spyridon sent the following letter to all Cephalonian Organizations and Associations around the world, through the "ODYSSEUS" Pan-Cephalonian Federation.

I feel much joy and satisfaction to communicate with you through this Hierarchical Letter from your homeland.
The ties that bind us are so unbreakable and our interest for each other so limitless, that we feel immense joy at the opportunity to communicate with you through any available means.
We are well aware of your desire to be informed of developments in you homeland and we impress upon you the interest on our side to be in touch with you.
The advances in technology, as gifts from God, provide us with valuable tools of communication. Such is the Internet which enables people throughout the world to communicate with each other.
It is thus with great joy that I come to inform you that the Holy Metropolis of Cephalonia, the Metropolis of your homeland, has recently established its own web site. Through these web pages we will communicate with you, and especially with your children, on many topics of religious, scientific, cultural and philanthropic interest.
Our electronic address is http://imk.cephalonia.com
What I ask of you is to use any means at your disposal to make this event known to all members of your Brotherhood and through them to members of their families, and especially your children.
We saw to it that our website is bilingual (Greek-English) in order to facilitate all interested parties. The web pages of our Holy Metropolis should enjoy many visits since the island of Cephalonia has many migrants.
With the utmost certainty that this event will please you all , I Bless You and wish you that God, through St. Gerasimos, protect you from all evil, grant you good health, success, happiness, and joy throughout your lives.


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