Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and has a glorious history which includes its struggle for liberation that culminated in the Union with Greece in 1864.

Its religious past is also glorious as the island has been priviledged in having superb figures grace its Archerarchical Throne, among them Germanos Kalligas who later became Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Gerasimos Dorizas, and Germanos Roubanis.

Currently, Head of the Cephalonian Church is the most Reverend Spyridon a native of Pireaus, who for the past 18 years has been is widely acknowledged as an excellent Keeper of the Local Church.

The island has a population of 30.000 according to the recent census. However, there are literally thousands of Cephalonians all over the world who maintain unbreakable ties with their birthland.

It is worth noting that the Holy Metropolis Administration is composed exclusively of Cephalonians.

Bishop's Assistant (Chancellor) is the Reverend Gerasimos Fokas, a Theology graduate who at an early age abandoned the worldly and specifically his father's hotel business, in order to follow Christ. His brother is the world-renowned mathematician Athanasios Fokas. Father Fokas is the chief admistrator at the Holy Metropolis, represents the Metropolitan in all affairs and signs all official documents in his place. At the same time he liturgizes and preaches God's word in towns and villages throughout the island.

Father Fotios Kavallieratos heads the Financial and Accounting Office, assisted by Metropolis employee Nektarios Valentis.

Father Spyridon Petinatos heads the Secretariat and Information Systems Office, assisted by employee Gerasimos Kavallieratos.

Deacon Konstantinos Liosatos heads the Office of Marriages and Divorces.

Deacon Konstantinos Liosatos, assisted by employee Gerasimos Kavallieratos, is in charge of Registry and Expedition.

Nektarios Valentis runs the radio station while Deacon K. Liosatos and Mr. Gerasimos Kavallieratos have authority to access and use the equipment.

Fotios Gavrielatos operates the Bokkstore "St. Paul the Apostle", asisted by Popi Aggeliki Kounadi and Pitsa Razi.

Father Spyridon Petinatos is responsible for the operation of the Spiritual Center "St. Paul the Apostle", assisted by Deacon K. Liosatos.

Mr. Konstantinos Staveris is responsible for the Ecclesiastic Museum.

Mr. Loukas Simatos is on duty as chauffer - clerk.

The Holy Metropolis is divided into five Archieratic Regions which are headed by the Archieratic Bishop appointed by the Metropolitan.
1. Archieratic Bishop of Argostoli
The chancellor of the Church of Theotokos Sissiotissa and head of the Financial Office at the Holy Metropolis.
2. Archieratic Bishop of Lixouri
The Reverend Gerasimos Markantonatos, a Theology Graduate
3. Archieratic Bishop of Sami
The Reverend Chrysostomos Alexatos, Chancellor of The Church of Theotokos in Sami and Abbot at Agrilia Monastery.
4. Archieratic Bishop of Livatho
The Chancellor of Theotokos Church in Spartia Father Panagis Annias.
5. Archieratic Bishop of Erissos-Pylaros
The officiating priest of the area, Reverend Nektarios Sklavounos

The Most Reverend Metropolitan presides over:

1. The Metropolitan Council, member of which are:
a. Protopresbyter Fotios Kavallieratos
b. Protopresbyter Michael Fokas
c. A judge appointed by the Chief Justice of Argostoli
d. The Director of Argostoli's Tax Office
e. Mr. Dionyssios Potamianos, representative of the Church Councils of the Holy Metropolis

2. The Episcopal Court, composed of five clergymen, appointed on the recommendation of the Metropolitan by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, and the Reverend Archimandrite Gerasimos Fokas who is the Court's Secretary.

3. The local TA.PO.E.K.E., composed of three clergymen, appointed on the recommendation of the Metropolitan by the central TA.PO.E.K.E.

Detailed information on the various entities over which the Metropolitan of Cephalonia presides may be found on the corresponding web pages of this site. Below is a summary list:
1. The Clergymens' Fund
2. The Home for the Aged (Argostoli's "Oikos Evgirias")
3. Korgalenios Library
4. Anastasios Livieratos Trust Fund
5. Anastasios Mazarakis Trust Fund
6. Michael Anninos Trust Fund
7. Haritatos Trust Fund
8. Petratos-Livieratos Trust Fund
9. Stavropanagis Vryonis Trust Fund
10.Evie Foka Trust Fund

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