Concerning local saints of Cephalonia, we note the presence of:

The Sacred Relic of St. Gerasimos, over four hundred years old, unperished, and fragrant without human intervention, is kept at the Convent in his name at Omala.

The Cephalonian born St. Anthimos Kourouklis (patron of Astypalaia), and Osios Panagis Basias.

The Sainted Martyrs Grigorios, Theodoros and Leon (Agioi Fanentes at Sami).
Above all the fore-mentioned is the Great Apostle of Nations, St. Paul who is the founder of the local Church of Cephalonia according to the new theory that identifies Cephalonia, instead of Malta, with "Meliti" - the island where St. Paul is believed to have been shipwrecked while being transferred from Palestine to Rome in order to be tried by a Roman court.
More information on this interesting topic can be found on the web page dedicated to the topic, which has been prepared by Father Georgios Metallinos, Professor at Athens University. Father Metallinos is an advocate of this theory, proposed by the German scientist Mr. Warnecke.
Several locations in Cephalonia were visited by and used as preaching places by St. Kosmas the Aetolean. One of his Crosses is wall-mounted at the Church of Evangelistria in Faraklata. Other Crosses are kept at Agrilia Monastery and in Assos.

It is also worthwhile mentioning that the original casket of the Martyr St. Gregory V is kept at the The Holy Theotokos Church of Ntomata. It was constructed by Captain Nikolaos Sklavos, a Cephalonian, when he picked up the sacred corpse from the waters of the Bosporus.

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