Currently, the Holy Metropolis of Cephalonia has the following construction projects in progress:

  1. Renovation of the abbey at St. Gerasimos Convent
  2. Hagiography of the new church at St. Gerasimos Convent
  3. Completion of the construction work at the Ecclesiastic Museum at St. Andrew's Convent, to be inaugurated in the summer.
  4. Completion of the large guest house - 100 beds capacity - at St. Andrew's Convent at Milapidia, to be inaugurated in the summer
  5. Development of a real estate property belonging to Themata Monastery in the town of Agia Efimia.
  6. Completion of the Spiritual Center and the Reception Hall at Sissia Monastery.
  7. Completion of the Ecclesiastic Museum at Koronato Convent, to be inaugurated in the summer.
  8. Progression of the construction work for the completion of the building complex at Kipouria Monastery.
  9. On the initiative of the "Friends of Atros" Association, preservation work is scheduled to begin on the Monastery Tower with funding from the European Union Fund. Construction work is continuing for the completion of the building complex which will serve as abbey and guest house.
  10. Establishment of a Home for the Aged on property donated by Agrilia Monastery. Funding is provided by a fellow Cephalonian living abroad and the Home will be managed by a council presided over by the Metropolitan of Cephalonia.

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