The most significant holidays at our Holy Metropolis are:

  • August 16th - In Memory of St. Gerasimos, Patron of Cephalonia.
  • August 23rd - Restitution of the celebration in Memory of St. Gerasimos
  • October 20th - Restitution of the Retrieval of the Sacred Relic of St. Gerasimos. Litanies take place on the above holidays as well as on St. Thomas Sunday.
  • September 4th - In Memory of St. Anthimos Kourouklis the Cephalonian, Patron of Astypalaia
  • June 7th - In Memory of Osios Panagis (Typaldos - Basias) the Cephalonian.
  • November 30th - In Honor of St. Andrew the Apostle at the Convent bearing His name
  • February 10th - Celebration of St. Haralambos, Patron of Lixouri
  • April 10th - In Honor of the Martyr St. Gregory V at Ntomata where his casket is kept.
  • August 24th - In Honor of St. Kosmas the Aetolean.
  • June 29th - In Memory of St. Paul the Apostle, celebrated with outdoor vespers in Argostoli and Lixouri
  • All Saints Sunday - in Memory of the Saints Grigorios, Theodoros and Leon (Sts Fanentes of Sami)

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