We all acknowledge the value of God's written word and the interest of children and adults alike in books. The spoken and written word are so powerful that many people discovered Christ and His teachings and believed in Him from reading a single book.

Confronted with this reality, we aimed and achieved the establishment of a modern bookstore in the center of town which is housed on space owned and donated for this purpose by the Clergymen's Fund ( to which all the clergy in Cephalonia belong). The building was erected on land from the Olympides bequest and the inaguration ceremony on July 15th 1997 was officiated by the Metropolitan of Cephalonia Most Reverend Spyridon.

Its operation to date, under the direction of Mr. Fotis Gavrielatos, has been satisfactory for the local Metropolis Church as many Christians of all ages - and especially people of the arts and sciences - have visited the book store and purchased books of religious, liturgical, pastoral, theological, interpretive, educational, monastic, juvenile, antiheretic, and, literate content.

It is yet another significant project of the local Metropolis which provides important services to the island's faithful and all those who visit Cephalonia in the summer. Prompted by this, we ask and recommend to all - especially Cephalonians living abroad - to visit the Bookstore during their stay on this island.

The Bookstore is located on Sotiros Streeet in Argostoli, in the Tax office Building.

It is our belief that with this project we arrived at yet another milestone for the spiritual uplifting of this blessed island and its people.

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