Transmitting God's word through the airwaves has been achieved by many of the Holy Metropoles of the Greek Church, with the Archiodiocese Radio Station being the frontrunner and pioneer in the effort, having its program being rebroadcast by several Metropoles.

This opportunity was utilized by the Local Church of Cephalonia which through the installation of a transmission antena on top of Mt. Aenos, rebroadcasts this program on a 24 hour basis. At the same time we established the local Metropoli's radio station by installing the proper equipment within the Spiritual Center "St. Paul the Apostle". The equipment used allows us to connect or disconnect from the Archiodiocese Radio Station and operate our own Radio Station through which we communicate with our local congregation through delivarance of sermons or live broadcasting of the various events that take place in the Spiritual Center.

Our wesite visitors that live on the island have the opportunity to tune in to our Radio Station which broadcasts at 106,3Μz FM daily from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm and in reruns at 11.00am the following day.

As we are only at the beginning of this endeavor, any changes to the broadcast times or program will be announced on these pages.

We praise God because this is another project that aims to Glorify His Name and His Holy Church, and thus we have acted well.

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