The Most Reverend Metropolitan of Cephalonia, Spyridon was born in Pireaus in 1926. In 1953 he graduated from the School of Theology of the University of Athens.

In March of 1951 he was ordained as deacon and later on, in January 1954, as priest by the popular bishops Alexios of Evripos and Dionyssios of Rogon, under the venerable directive of then Archibishop of Athens and All Greece Kyros Spyridon.

He served as deacon in the Church of St. Vassilios in Athens (on Metsovou and Bouboulinas Str.) from 1951 until his ordination as priest in the same church in 1954. From 1954 until 1971 he served as Secretary and Chief Clergyman in the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki, where during the period 1954 to 1958 he also served as Chancellor and Preacher of the Cathedral Church of Panagia Dexia of which he was a founder. From 1958 to 1971 he became Chancellor and Preacher of the Cathedral Church of St. Gregory in Palamas Thessaloniki.

In 1972 he returned to his birthplace Pireaus and assumed the position of Chancellor and Preacher of the Church of Evangelistria. He was then summoned by the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Pireaus Kyros Chrysostomos Tavladorakis to assume the position of Chief Clergyman at the Holy Metropolis of Pireaus where the wise and widely recognized for his piety hierarch recommended him in 1976 to become Bishop's Assistant.

His ordination as Bishop of Neohorion took place on Sunday August 15th 1976 on the day of the celebration of the Dormition, in the Church of Evangelistria.

He was elected Metropolitan of Cephalonia by the Venerable Hierarchy of the Church of Greece in May of 1984 and his official enthronment in the Holy Metropolis of Cephalonia took place on June 3rd of the same year. He has since been widely recognized as an excellent head of the Church of Cephalonia, succeeding in steering it in calm and peaceful directions.

His days are literally consumed in every corner of the island, officiating, preaching and bringing the Grace of the Gospel to the people of God.

He established and operates a bookstore, a spiritual center, a local radio station and established the Holy Metropolis on the Internet.

On his initiative, new wings, abbeys, halls, dining rooms and guest houses have been constructed on all Monasteries and Convents on the island. He also established the Ecclesiastic Museum at St. Andrew's Convent.

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